[Vision2020] Megaloads???

Randy the.silvertipped.one at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 04:06:55 PST 2021

Does anybody know what's up with the monstrous semi-loads that have rolled
through town in the wee hours of the morning? My wife and I live in the
Ambassador, and the rumbling of their passage has woken us up the last
couple of nights. I haven't actually gotten up to look, but my wife
describes them as "humungous" and "so long I don't see how they can get
them around corners." She said that last night there were three or four
rolling through. Are they running megaloads to the tar sands, or is this
something else going on?

Randy P.
"Listen to the deep voice of your soul. Do not be distracted by the voice
of your mind." - Caitlin Matthews
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