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Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
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Illegal Immigration 
By Whitney Albright
A Honduran man left his kids and wife 
To give them all a better life 
Of no more hunger, no more thirst 
No more waiting on misery to spread worse
On an 18 wheeler, he sneaks a ride 
For days on in he hopes and hides 
Riding through America, land of the free 
Turned out nothing like it seemed to be 
For when he ran off after the truck stopped today 
He found himself as a hopeless stray 
He can’t get a job since he has an illegal name 
And he won’t accept food since he’s so ashamed 
The government, they won’t take him back 
They say it’s too much money for them to stack 
So, what of this man do you blame him at all? 
The courage he held as he tried to stand tall 
What would you have done to stop your families cries? 
How far would you have went to stop hunger in your children’s eyes? 
Would you go to the next country or two 
To try and find something there for you 
We have to look at him with our eyes and tears 
And tell him we can’t help him here 
Around the corner, he disappears 
Why can’t we help him here? 
A Honduran man left his kids and wife 
To give them all a better life…


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