[Vision2020] Snake River Dams Debate

Ron Force ronforce at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 17:39:33 PST 2021

As you can see, the issue of these dams is highly partisan. That
partisanship really gets at the very real difference what the parties value
in the Pacific Northwest. These dams are a total disaster. They are
horrifyingly awful for salmon migration. Their hydropower creation is not
that great. A big part of the support for them is the utter pointlessness
of Lewiston, Idaho being an inland port where ships can go to the Pacific
Ocean. You would not believe how important this point is for the people of
that area. The claim that Lewiston is some economic engine is pretty
laughable, but the locals like being able to take the powerboats on the
once free-flowing river that is now a giant lake. For Republicans, these
dams are about progress and controlling nature for people. It’s the
pioneer, frontier legacy. For Democrats, they are symbols of the arrogance
of postwar planners when it came to the natural world and the enemy of a
healthy ecosystem.

Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA
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