[Vision2020] Contact your senators: vote to convict Trump

Garrett Clevenger garrettmc at frontier.com
Tue Feb 9 11:02:49 PST 2021

Please consider contacting our Idaho senators and ask they vote to convict Trump in the impeachment trial.



Here's what I wrote:

I’m asking you vote to convict Trump during the impeachment trial. Our children deserve to have him held accountable for his various crimes. We need to ensure our kids hear loud and clearly that Trump’s behavior is unacceptable. 

Whether it’s him bragging about grabbing pussy, him sexualizing his daughter Ivanka when she was one years old, him being disrespectful and a bully towards anybody who disagrees with him, or his brazen abuse of power, all of his misdeeds make him particularly unfit to be an elected public official. 

This isn’t about anything else than making sure our children know that if they behave like Trump, they aren’t going to be rewarded. We should be showing them the highest of standards, not it doesn’t matter how low you go. Otherwise, the example Trump sets will continue to shape the next the generation in a negative way.

While this is a trial for Trump, it’s also a trial for you. Will you inspire high values and morality, or will you give Trump a pass, showing you don’t care how someone behaves as long as they serve your politics?

You need to vote like you would if Trump wasn’t a Republican. I imagine you would vote to convict Trump if he were a Democrat. Please, for the good of the country and our children, take this chance to expunge Trump and his evil ways from our political system and the Republican Party. It’s really the only decent thing to do.

If you vote to acquit Trump, you lose any moral authority. You basically become Trump. I imagine your grandkids would not be proud of that.

Trump has been given a pass by most Republicans these last 5 years. Enough is enough. It’s well past time to show his bad behaviors are traits we should not be teaching our children. Please, show us you care about the example you set. Don’t shirk your responsibilities. Vote to convict Trump.

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