[Vision2020] Renowned Egyptologist says it’s time to stop romanticizing ancient Egypt

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I was astonished to read this take on climate change in this article...
Totally unexpected!


You write that you see signs that the patriarchy is leading society toward
a collapse, repeating a pattern that has occurred throughout history. But
you also note that climate change will interrupt the cycle in a big way.
What can we learn about what comes next by studying the rise and fall of
ancient Egyptian regimes?

The patriarchy rises and falls in cycles, collapsing and rebuilding. But
the thing that’s haunting authoritarian regimes now is that the Earth is
not allowing that cycle anymore. The Earth is not allowing the ongoing
extractive, consumptive, unequal hoarding that defines those regimes,
because it’s unsustainable, and that unsustainability is now the undoing of
the patriarchy.

We’ve had smaller-scale climate change for thousands of years; think of
cities wiped away by deforestation that led to mudslides. The difference
now is the scale. Now it’s global. The patriarchy sows the seeds for its
own destruction again and again before coming back in a vicious cycle, but
the difference this time is global climate change threatens to make this
the final cycle
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