[Vision2020] 8-13-21 Climate Scientist Stefan Rahmstorf: "Sea level in the IPCC 6th assessment report (AR6)"

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Adaptation to sea level rise, from global warming melting of land ice
(Greenland and Antarctica mainly), on coastal cities and infrastructure, is
sometimes portrayed as a reasonable policy approach, that lessens the
urgency for rapid deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.  But sea
level rise of 2 meters by 2100 and 5 meters by 2050, as mentioned below in
the quoted article, would require massive sea level rise protection
structures, likely more difficult and expensive than simply abandoning some
coastal areas to relocate human populations and infrastructure to higher

It is astonishing that facing the possibility of such future impacts on
civilization that the urgency to treat the climate emergency as an
"Emergency" is not fully manifesting at all levels of human society.
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>From Realclimate article above:

   - The IPCC has introduced a new high-end risk scenario, stating that a
   global rise “approaching 2 m by 2100 and 5 m by 2150 under a very high
   greenhouse gas emissions scenario cannot be ruled out due to deep
   uncertainty in ice sheet processes.”
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