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I Am the Constitution
Author ubknown
You attacked my sacred temple, you scarred my nation’s soul,
With your evil weaponry, you inflicted such a toll,
The Confederate flag, your emblem, for your wicked cause,
With bats and sticks and symbols, you breached my nation’s laws
With your hatred and your prejudice, you assaulted my sanctity,
You showed the world a darker side, displayed so graphically,
The devil directs his followers, from his Tower in the South,
Preying on the simple, who believe the lies that leave his mouth,
Traitors sit in the chamber, those who incited the devil’s plan,
The cowards disguised as lawmakers, pledging allegiance to the Klan,
They must all be brought to justice, to protect humanity,
Those who want to hide the truth, must be exposed for all to see,
Tearing at the freedoms, for which our founding fathers fought,
Attempting to rewrite history, so the truth cannot be taught,
The people will not be silenced, by the shameful GOP,
I’m here to defend democracy, to safeguard your liberty.


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Tom Hansen
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