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When I Was A Boy: 1960s
by Keith Trestrail
I saw one flag raised and another fall 
I saw the great lie of justice and equity for all 
I saw a crisis that stopped the world 
I saw a wall to keep out the cold 
I saw a movie under the stars in Diego Martin 
I saw it on the big screen at the drive-in 
I saw a legend in white out my window 
I saw the crowds cheering below 
I saw the world - it was black and white 
I saw its power in sound and sight 
I saw a sparrow that sung like a nightingale 
I saw a band of Merrymen blaze a trail 
I saw the queen of hearts and king of Camelot 
I saw a new generation - then I heard a shot 
I saw in a far realm a class war and snobbery 
I saw in that land a great train robbery 
I saw another king unlike any before 
I saw the greatest reign I ever saw 
I saw a mushroom that filled the sky 
I saw it and wondered how many would die 
I saw in an ancient land a cultural revolution 
I saw the problem - not the solution 
I saw the voice of freedom in a prison cell 
I saw the townships where nameless martyrs fell 
I saw a strong, motivated and tireless foe 
I saw blood where the rice paddies grow 
I saw Beatlemania and psychedelic pink 
I saw a minstrel who made me stop and think 
I saw a spy with a license to thrill 
I saw he carried a gun and a license to kill 
I saw three men who fell to Earth 
I saw this world in a spiritual dearth 
I saw a man dancing with fists of fury 
I saw his greatest fight - the fight for equality 
I saw a race no-one could win 
I saw the end of the world begin 
I saw peaceful men silenced by a gun 
I saw a presidential race over before it had begun 
I saw streets of fire - anarchy and looting 
I saw cults and governments actively recruiting 
I saw six days of militarisation 
I saw death in the cradle of civilisation 
I saw a mother and child dying before my eyes 
I saw desperation neither one could disguise 
I saw the crowning of a future king 
I saw it and thought what a noble thing 
I saw a war of mysticism with brainwashed armies 
I saw all the maharishis, gurus and swamis 
I saw science fiction become science fact 
I saw a space oddity on a distant tract 
I saw a revolution and I wanted to scream 
I saw Amageddon in a recurring dream 
I saw a girl who took my breath away 
I saw that I followed her home one day 
I saw on Max Yasgur's farm half a million flock 
I saw the mud and the music at Woodstock 
I saw helter skelter in a mad frenzied killing 
I saw it written in blood - it was chilling 
I saw the land of calypso - its fuse was lit
I saw a death list with my name on it 
I saw myself on a long and fateful trip 
I saw this all on an immigrant ship 
I saw this decade through the eyes of a child 
I saw by its hopes and dreams I was beguiled.


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" (the most fun you can have with your pants on)

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

“A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met.”
- Roy E. Stolworthy
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