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Devonshire_Downs_1969.jpg (797×1000) (tomandrodna.com)

3 day advance tickets $15.00?  If only I had a time machine!

This music festival poster misspells Buffy St. Marie's name,  as "Buffe."

What a wonderful human being, and still going strong!

A sad and bizarre commentary on the land of the brave and the free, to
realize that Ms. Marie was targeted and blacklisted by the FBI!!!  This
abuse by the US government of this beautiful and inspired songwriter/singer
is akin to what we might expect from an authoritarian censorship oriented
regime, not a government with alleged constitutionally protected free
speech rights for its citizens.

Buffy Sainte-Marie on a rollercoaster career that even the FBI kept an eye
on | Pop and rock | The Guardian

Quotes below from website above:

Breastfeeding on Sesame Street, writing Up Where We Belong and reading her
own FBI file – Buffy Sainte-Marie has had an amazing career. What trouble
will her new album get her into?

This short, sharp outburst apart, she's remarkably sanguine about being
investigated by the FBI and CIA and being blacklisted for her anti-Vietnam
and pro-Native American rights work. "It affected my career but it didn't
affect my life. It was all done in total secrecy. It's not like they tell
you they're gonna deny your rights or trample your freedom or gag you –
they just do it."


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