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Courtesy of today’s Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Joann Muneta.


Disappointed in lawmakers

It was extremely disappointing to learn that District 5 Representative Brandon Mitchell voted against the higher education funding bill April 7.
As an upstanding Moscow citizen and a good businessman, he must realize that this vote hurt University of Idaho in fundraising and recruiting of faculty and students, and damaged the morale of faculty, staff, administrators and students who have worked so hard to maintain quality and safety throughout the pandemic.
By this vote, Mitchell helped support the representative from White Bird, Idaho, in her campaign to foster fear that social justice hurts the common good. Social Justice means encouraging everyone to be fair, respectful, welcoming and kind; to give everyone a fair chance; to help those in need; and to offer protection against bullying, harassment and discrimination. These are all solid American values. We need more, not less social justice.
Representative Giddings and others are trying to use imagined threats of hidden indoctrination in racism, Marxism and other “isms” to pass legislation that will limit free discussion in our classrooms from elementary to university levels.
We need to allow open discussion in our schools about world issues and history without fear of reprisal. Free expression strengthens our educational institutions and enriches our students’ education.
Let us urge our elected government officials including Mitchell and Troy to stand up against this groundless smear campaign being waged by some misguided legislators threatening to undermine our dedicated teachers and excellent schools.
You can help by contacting Idaho senators and the lieutenant governor now to urge full funding of higher education and teachers’ salaries bills without riders like HB 377 that limits free expression and will hurt Idaho’s education system. Let us erase this black mark against the great state of Idaho.
Joann Muneta


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