[Vision2020] The horror of social justice

Roger Hayes rhayesmoscowid at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 18:53:34 PDT 2021

Roger Hayes <rhayesmoscowid at gmail.com>
3:53 PM (1 minute ago)

Oh, the horror; Idaho universities and colleges are teaching social
justice. So much so that the Idaho House nixed the entire 2022 higher Ed.
budget for the time being. Caroline Troy was the only Republican who voted
for the budget bill. Kudos to her, but then again she represents Moscow,
and we all know what Moscow would be without the U of I . So it was no
total act of bravery of her part.  According to news releases, Republicans
have expressed student "horror stories" about what students have had to
endure in these classes. Well, tell us about these "horror stories" and why
the students were in them in the first place. What did they expect to learn
from these classes? That there is no such thing as social injustice?
I doubt that engineering students, computer science students, or even
English majors have to endure the horror of learning about social justice.
The universities and colleges offer these classes because of demand for
them, and because our young people want to be fully educated.  We are being
led by the nose by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, ALEC and others in their
never ending quest to throw up smoke screens to delude voters into thinking
that we should all vote for scoundrels whose real agenda is the destruction
of educated thought and compassion for our fellow citizens.
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