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Courtesy of today’s (April 1, 2021) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Victoria Seever.


Posturing for press was goal

If you missed Andrew Hoehn’s March 27 letter to the editor, find it. He hit the nail on the head regarding a lawsuit by Gabriel Rench and a Moscow couple against multiple Moscow entities. They were arrested for suspicion of resisting or obstructing officers at a self-professed Christ Church protest against masking and social distancing that was couched within a psalm sing event.
Some may look upon this turn in events with interest, disinterest, even mild amusement. But Moscow residents will be impacted financially by this action. Minimally, we pay for employee time in responding to legal procedures. As I understand it, should the threesome gain a settlement or win their suit, it will be paid for out of our pockets — unless you are tax-exempt, like a college or church.
Rench fails to understand even the rudiments of how local taxes work, as evidenced in his prior campaign for county commissioner. He objected big-time to taxes. Yet here he is, suing the city, at our expense. Could this possibly be a wily way to fund his next campaign? Do people and businesses already suffering from a pandemic fallout want to plump up someone’s pockets this way?
As for being “humiliated” by an arrest, when pulling political stunts, a person is seeking public attention and chooses that route to get it. Posturing for press coverage is a goal, not having one’s ego bruised. No doubt others in this wake have good intentions within their prospective; but they might want to re-look at what they’ve been led into.
Moscow’s citizens and leadership have supported each other through the COVID-19 crisis. Slapping a lawsuit on us is a slap in the face, big-time. We don’t want unmerited coal in our stockings. We’re trying to heal and thrive.
Victoria Seever


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