[Vision2020] Public Nuisance

Roger Hayes rhayesmoscowid at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 15:43:57 PDT 2020

So Gabriel Rench and Doug Wilson are having another "sing along" protest
today. Great, they think being public nuisances are going to help with
Rench's election chances. Look, there are many issues in this country, in
this state, and even in our good Latah county that need to be addressed.
And some may be worthy of being arrested for. There are poor people right
here in Moscow and Latah county that are worthy of attention. There are
racial, yes, racial divides in our region that need consideration. Many
other issues which also require logic and clear thinking.
But no, these boneheads are protesting about being required to wear masks
to help stop the spread of a deadly virus. These boneheads are protesting
about social distancing.
Rench says, "There's no pandemic in Moscow." Yep, right, so far. And I hope
the mayor, city council, county commissioners, and the police continue to
do their jobs to keep it that way.
Vote for sanity. Vote for a person who will look after the county and our
residents. Not some public nuisance.
Roger Hayes
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