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Courtesy of today’s (September 23, 2020) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to former MOM (Mayor Of Moscow) Nancy Chaney.


Children deserve better

We’re frazzled is the new normal. We’re trying to let go of what we can’t control (or at least put it in perspective), trust and delegate where possible, and focus on things we must. With schools upended by COVID-19, stressed parents are scrambling to find daycare. They’re probably relieved more facilities could open soon, reassured they’ll be licensed by the City of Moscow. After all, children’s safety is paramount. Therein lies the problem.
The Moscow City Council just extended the mayor’s public health emergency order No. 20-04, waiving requirements for temporary daycare operators to have training in childhood development, health and safety or certification in first aid and child/infant CPR. The order says, “day care operators will be required to complete the online CPR and first aid training program,” but doesn’t say what “the” program is, whether it must be accredited, or whether training in adult CPR (which could injure youngsters) will suffice. They won’t need to pursue certification, even if in-person training becomes feasible again during the duration of the order.
There’s an allowance for licensing tutoring centers, which aren’t defined in the code, and qualifications for tutors and lesson plans are nonexistent. Moreover, tutors and something called “day camps” appear to be exempt from background checks. 

For members of the public with comments about why such facilities might not be safe or suitable in certain residential settings, you’re out of luck. The city waived requirements for them to pursue conditional-use permits while the order is in effect.
I understand the desperation parents must feel. However, this doesn’t need to be a choice between children’s safety and providing competent adult oversight when parents are at work. Red Cross online courses in pediatric first aid and CPR only take 2-3 hours and cost $35-45. Tell Moscow’s council that children deserve better.
Nancy Chaney


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