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After I posted about my surprise that Jeff Berardelli on CBS Saturday
Morning presented info on global warming and climate that was unusual for a
"mainstream commercial broadcast network," I was even *more* *surprised* to
hear within 7 hours of my post the following discussion on Democracy Now's
Thurs. morning show, received off-the-air from Spokane's KYRS 88.1 FM.

I did not know about the Media Matters investigation Leah Stokes referenced
regarding TV news coverage of the fire season this year, quantifying how
often "climate change" was mentioned:  out of over 100 media segments
considered, only 5 mentioned climate change, and 3 of those were from


*AMY GOODMAN:* Well, for more, we’re joined by Leah Stokes, assistant
professor of political science at the University of California, Santa
Barbara, a researcher on climate and energy policy. She’s the author of *Short
Circuiting Policy: Interest Groups and the Battle Over Clean Energy and
Climate Policy in the American States*.

Can you describe what we are seeing, from California to Oregon to
Washington? The media talks about it as bizarre and crazy. Still there is
not a lot of use of the word “climate change.”

*LEAH STOKES:* That’s right, Amy. It’s quite sad that your program and one
newscaster at CBS News named Jeff Berardelli are pretty much the only TV
news stations that are willing to use the word “climate change.” Last
month, during August, when the fires of course had already started, there
were over 100 TV news segments on this on ABC, NBC and CBS. This is
according to Media Matters. And of those more than 100 segments, I’m
talking about five full segments — that’s it — that even mentioned the word
“climate change.” And three of those five were done by one person, Jeff
Berardelli, who’s a wonderful meteorologist who actually cares about
talking about climate change.

But the fact is that TV news is completely abdicating its responsibility
when it comes to telling the truth of what the West is dealing with right
now, which is, of course, not just these fires, but massive, unprecedented
heat waves. The fires that got really bad over the weekend were fueled in
large part by unprecedented heat in counties like Los Angeles County, which
set heat wave records of 121 degrees Fahrenheit, Ventura County, Santa
Barbara County, Inland. I mean, the temperatures were just unseen before in
modern human history. So, this is climate change. It’s not rocket science.
And when will the media start calling it that?
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

Yikes!  Sat. Sept. 5 was about 5 days ago, not "ten."  Gmail keeps
correcting my word choices and spelling but does not recognize an error
like this?

Typhoon Maysak, mentioned in this post, impacted Okinawa about ten days

On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 1:53 AM Ted Moffett <starbliss at gmail.com> wrote:

Jeff Berardelli, CBS climate/weather commentator, presented a surprising,
> for a mainstream commercial broadcast network, more "global" view of
> climate/weather, in the early morning hours (5-7 AM KLEW Lewiston) on CBS
> This Morning Saturday Sept. 5 ten days ago.
> He discussed the record setting heat wave in the US West, mentioning the
> contribution from climate change, that anyone following the national news
> in recent weeks knows has had devastating fire impacts in California,
> especially combined with drought and high winds.  These impacts have also
> been hitting Oregon and Washington, with the city of Malden in Whitman Co.
> largely burned to the ground, and Oregon facing what Gov. Kate Brown said
> "...could be the greatest loss of human lives and property due to wildfires
> in our state's history:"
> https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/09/us/fires-oregon-california-live-updates.html
> Berardelli also correctly predicted the astonishing shift in Colorado from
> 90s F. to early snow in one or two days:
> https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/09/08/denver-weather-snow-storm-hits-rockies/5745773002/
> But what really surprised me was when Berardelli maintained that the
> powerful Cat. 4 Typhoons (Maysak, Haishan) that hit Japan and Korea in the
> past 10 days were impacting the jet stream over the US, partly responsible
> for the astonishing shift in weather in Colorado that he predicted in
> advance.
> "It's all connected" said Berardelii!
> I won't explore climate science on this specific topic... Science often
> has limited or the opposite effect when attempting to persuade those in
> doubt or denial on catastrophic anthropogenic warming.  People follow their
> tribal loyalties... And if science threatens the foundational ideology
> involved, well....you know what the result can be!
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