[Vision2020] CBS Saturday Morning 9-5-20 Surprising Climate Info & "Earth Island"

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 01:53:34 PDT 2020

Jeff Berardelli, CBS climate/weather commentator, presented a surprising,
for a mainstream commercial broadcast network, more "global" view of
climate/weather, in the early morning hours (5-7 AM KLEW Lewiston) on CBS
This Morning Saturday Sept. 5 ten days ago.

He discussed the record setting heat wave in the US West, mentioning the
contribution from climate change, that anyone following the national news
in recent weeks knows has had devastating fire impacts in California,
especially combined with drought and high winds.  These impacts have also
been hitting Oregon and Washington, with the city of Malden in Whitman Co.
largely burned to the ground, and Oregon facing what Gov. Kate Brown said
"...could be the greatest loss of human lives and property due to wildfires
in our state's history:"


Berardelli also correctly predicted the astonishing shift in Colorado from
90s F. to early snow in one or two days:


But what really surprised me was when Berardelli maintained that the
powerful Cat. 4 Typhoons (Maysak, Haishan) that hit Japan and Korea in the
past 10 days were impacting the jet stream over the US, partly responsible
for the astonishing shift in weather in Colorado that he predicted in

"It's all connected" said Berardelii!

I won't explore climate science on this specific topic... Science often has
limited or the opposite effect when attempting to persuade those in doubt
or denial on catastrophic anthropogenic warming.  People follow their
tribal loyalties... And if science threatens the foundational ideology
involved, well....you know what the result can be!

Consider the "tribe" in the music referred to below.  What loyalty do
people have to the "It's all connected" Earth?
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

>From website above:

With its mammoth beats, ceremonial rhythms, wailing Mayan trumpets,
growling didgeridoos, Mexican field recording fragments, alien tone colors
and surrealistic electric guitar melodies, *Earth Island* conjures up
swirling apparitions from the past and the future. For Roach, Reyes and
Saiz, there were no boundaries, only waves of sound splashing against the
big island we call earth, washing relics from some distant clan onto new
shores, eroding the conventions of the present and carrying the remains out
to sea.
Comments immediately above: Linda Kohanov

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