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A few excerpts below.  Possible violations of Student Code of Conduct?
Maybe the "Student Code of Secrecy" applies?
by Kim Stager

*This is a developing story. The Argonaut will continue to provide updates
as more information becomes available. *

On Aug. 19, an incident at the University of Idaho Beta Theta Pi (BTP)
fraternity caused 22 new members of the fraternity to move from the house
to on-campus student housing.

One new member was injured in the incident, which UI Director of
Communications Jodi Walker said was related to possible violations of the
Healthy Vandal Pledge and Student Code of Conduct. She did not share
further details on the violations.

The Moscow Police Department report stated the department responded to a
call in the early morning about a male who was “unresponsive, unconscious
and needing medical attention.”


House told the BTP members that EMS had arrived and needed to see the
injured student for themselves. The members went upstairs to bring the
student out, but came back saying he could not walk. House advised EMS
enter the fraternity house and examine the student where he was.

According to the report, the student was “lying on the floor, completely
unresponsive. He did not respond to sternum rubs and his eyes would not
respond to the light.” EMS treated the student and transported him to the
Gritman Medical Center.

BTP Vice President Brayden Pollow arrived later. House explained the
severity of the situation to Pollow and other high-ranking members and
“expressed (BTP members) added risk in minimizing the situation and being
hesitant towards law enforcement.”


To the best of his knowledge, Brueher said the 22 new members of the
fraternity were moved into student housing while the incident is
investigated. In addition, Brueher said UI distrusted the chapter to follow
the rules and give a healthy environment for first-year students.


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