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Roger Hayes rhayesmoscowid at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 11:01:34 PST 2020

Responding to Dale Courtney's comments (11/25/20) "Questioning mask and
COVID-19 narrative," I find it full of untruths and callousness. Firstly,
pretending the COVID is nothing to concern ourselves about, tell that to
the 260,000 Americans who have suffered and died of it. Secondly, you say
that people choose not getting tested for the disease even when they have
been exposed or are suffering "mild symptoms." That is the height of
irresponsibility and selfishness. Thirdly, you cite an Annals of Internal
Medicine study where you claim there is no significant benefit to wearing a
mask. The study was about protection of the wearer, not about helping to
prevent the spread of the virus. And it did find some small benefit to the
wearer. So you are misleading the reader of your column. Lastly, you seem
to be bragging about a "local congregation" holding maskless services for
1,100 since May. You exclaim, "No masks,  No hospitalizations, No deaths."
How many people outside this congregation might they have infected? Way to
love your neighbor Dale.
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