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Grumpy Cat gets the giggles on Caturday.

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Ohio Shelter Assures that Giggles the Scowling Cat Is Actually Quite 'Sweet and Charming'
"If he’s angry about anything, it’s because you aren’t petting him," said the shelter, which described that feline's scowl as the cat's "permanent" facial expression

This adoptable cat has a resting you-know-what face!

At the Riggi Rescue in Summit County, Ohio, there's a new feline resident who may, at first glance, seem to be fed up with everything and everyone. The shelter assures, however, not to take the cat's perpetual scowl personally. Did we mention he was affectionately named Giggles?

"For those who don’t know Giggles story, he’s not mad, he’s actually quite happy, sweet and charming," Riggi Rescue wrote on Instagram Monday. "He was surrendered by a Good Samaritan with several ticks on him and a mild bite wound. If he’s angry about anything, it’s because you aren’t petting him."

Over the weekend, the nonprofit posted more details about Giggles on Facebook, sharing a gallery of snapshots — in which they insist the cat was happy during the photo shoot, not upset or angered as his facial expression would indicate. They said this is his "permanent" face.

"He is the SWEETEST BOY! WE LOVE HIM! Here's some Giggles smiles for ya," they joked.
The shelter added that Giggles was "roaming the streets for some time before being picked up by a Good Samaritan and brought to us. He had many ticks, wasn't neutered and had a bite wound on his neck from a cat fight. He's just one of so many needing our help!"
Giggles has become a bit of a local celebrity, with thousands of people writing in the comments section of the photoshoot Facebook post looking to add the cat to their family.

"His mad little face. He is so cute! I hope the screening process goes smoothly and that he’ll be in his furever home soon!" wrote one user, as another commented: "He should be Hollywood-famous and live a life of luxury with that face!!"

On Wednesday, Riggi shared a pic of the sleepy cat on Instagram, writing that he had a long day. "Giggles is ready to call it a night after an exhausting day. #giggles #gigglesthecat #riggirescue #madcat #grumpycat #bedtime #rbf #nopicturesplease," they wrote.
The rescue center did note earlier this week that Giggles has a potential forever home lined up. Here's hoping the new pet owners fully realize the cat's social media superstardom potential and continue sharing photos of his scowling mug online.

Could this be Grumpy Cat's successor?


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“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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