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Bean and Chickpea, the purrfect ingredients for Caturday.

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This Little Bean Can Now See The Happy Life That Awaits Him

When we last left Bean, he was settling into his new foster home after being pulled from the streets. His once infected and scab-covered eye had healed, revealing a gorgeous little kitten with full sight. It was August when Cat Man Chris had received an urgent message but had been busy saving other felines. Nadija Falbo, @tinypawsfostersfl with AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, had rushed to where he had been found. She welcomed Bean into her foster home where he did more than just “survive” off the streets. Bean found the happiness that had eluded him, and did it with another kitten, Chickpea, who had been rescued as well.

And the bond that Bean and Chickpea formed will last a lifetime.

Little Chickpea arrived a few weeks later, suffering from an upper respirator infection (URI) that made it difficult for her to even eat!
This adorable little baby came to us from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. [She] was brought in all by herself with no siblings or mom in sight and needed around the clock care. She had an upper respiratory infection and needed to be bottle fed every few hours. Three weeks in foster care has done this sweet baby good. And she is now feeling much better and has grown like a weed!

While in Nadija’s home, Bean, Chickpea and another foster, Pinto had each other to learn how to “cat” with. I have to say, that’s quite a cute little pile of beans!

All three came from different backgrounds and met in foster care where they became best friends! 

 They are all still a few weeks away from being able to get vetted. But are enjoying all the perks an indoor home has to offer. Lots of toys, treats, food, soft blankets and lots of playtime!

After years of working with cats and kittens, we know that if Bean and Chickpea are adopted together, the bond they have will bring countless smiles to their humans.

So until they were all ready for adoption, Nadjia happily snapped photos to share of the growing trio of kittens. And we couldn’t be more thrilled for their daily adorable antics!

Spay/neuter surgeries for the three friends were done on Halloween day. Trick or treat bummer for them! But bonus because they can now live safely without causing more homeless kitten issues in the future. I do very much want to lay in these snuggle piles though!

Bean is a big fan of fake flowers apparently. More likely than not, he’s just teething though and not an avid wanna-be gardener.

But as November began, so did a new life for Bean and Chickpea!

Just this week, on November 3rd, the duo were adopted together and set out on their new adventure.

Bean came to me in horrible shape and I truly did not think he was going to make it. Chickpea arrived a few weeks later and had a upper respiratory infection making it hard for her to eat. Fast forward 2 months later they are now happy, healthy and ADOPTED TOGETHER! 

 Their new wonderful mom saw them on social media and instantly fell in love with them! I am SO excited that they have been able to find a home together as they are truly best buds.

This is truly a story about working together as a team towards the best outcome. And in this case we got it thankfully! More importantly though, Bean, Chickpea and Pinto received the best prize…forever homes. 


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“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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