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Courtesy of today’s (November 1, 2020) Lewiston Tribune with thanks to Linda Pike and Nick Gier.


Republicans went radical

The “Latah Republican,” recently mailed to all households, shows what the Republican Party has become. It is no longer the party I grew up with. President Donald Trump sets the tone by his refusal to condemn right wing extremists and his attitude is reflected by this publication.
Not surprisingly, Gabriel Rench, candidate for Latah County commissioner, is with this group. He openly disobeyed Moscow’s mask ordinance at Christ Church’s sing-along, causing his arrest, then lied to the media that he was being persecuted because of his religion. This is not the person to represent Latah County. Vote for honesty, respect and experience — Tom Lamar.
By participating, Caroline Nilsson Troy showed her true colors. She’s no moderate when she joins Ammon Bundy, who openly disrupts and disobeys the law. Bring respect back to the Legislature. Vote Renee Love.
I’m not surprised to see Dan Foreman in this group. He belongs there, having shown his character when he served as our senator and was subsequently beaten by David Nelson. Continue responsible, reasonable, representation and vote David Nelson for senator.
Brandon Mitchell states that he encourages voters to be informed. By joining this group that promotes violence, disobedience and divisiveness, we are informed of his philosophy. Dulce Kersting-Lark is the reasoned, respected candidate for Idaho House, District 5.
The Republican candidates who associate with the radicals in this publication have done a great service of informing the voters of who not to vote for or do business with.
Vote Democrat, not these folks.
Linda Pike


Agidius got it wrong

Cindy Agidius (Oct. 11) attempts to defend President Donald Trump’s record but she fails.

Regarding job growth, Barack Obama and Joe Biden added 8.1 million in their last three years. Trump, riding on Obama-Biden’s coattails, added only 6.6 million in his first three years.

Agidius boasts about Trump’s pre-COVID unemployment rate of 3.6 percent. Obama-Biden, coming out of the Great Recession, brought it down from 9.3 to 4.9 percent.

Unemployment among Blacks and Latinos fell faster under Obama than Trump.

It is a mystery where Agidius got her manufacturing data. The truth is this sector was in recession at the end of 2019. The National Bureau of Economic Research has concluded the entire American economy fell into recession in March 2020.

Regarding trade deals, Trump called the North American Free Trade Agreement and Obama-Biden’s Trans-Pacific Partnership the “worst ever,” but his negotiators incorporated major elements of the TPP in updating NAFTA with regard to digital information and environmental/labor safeguards.

Democrats in Congress also added significant elements to the new U.S.-Canada-Mexico Agreement.

Agidius is correct our trade deficit with China has fallen, but our overall trade deficit in July 2020 was the highest in 12 years. Trump boasted his trade war with China would bring manufacturing back home, but companies are relocating elsewhere.

Agidius praises the stock market’s performance, but Obama-Biden saw a 109 percent rise in the Dow Jones. Under Trump it has risen only 49 percent.
Clinton and Obama gave us the largest upticks in the stock market.
Nick Gier


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