[Vision2020] To all National Guardians

rhayes at frontier.com rhayes at frontier.com
Sat May 23 16:31:34 PDT 2020

The National Guard has been sanitizing hospitals and public spaces, delivering food and supplies, assisting with Covid 19 testing and helping in hard hit communities for the past two months. Now it turns out that the Trump administration is ending that selfless help on June 24th. Why that date? Turns out that will be the 79th day of activation. If activation was extended 1 more day to the 80th day, those activated Guardsmen and Guardswomen would qualify for benefits such as educational enhancement, and retirement benefits. This is what Trump and his band of looters think of the brave men and women who serve their country and communities. It is the height of disgusting disregard for anyone but himself and themselves. Wake up. 
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