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 Callie the mom cat was already caring for five kittens when she met Arnie, but she was still happy to take the orange baby cat in as one of her own, just in time for Caturday.

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Surrogate Cat Mom Steps in to Nurse Newborn Kitten with Ill Mother Over Mother's Day Weekend
Callie the mom cat was already caring for five kittens when she met Arnie, but she was still happy to take the orange baby cat in as one of her own

It's a Mother's Day miracle.

Best Friends Animal Society's New York shelter recently took in two kitty families from Associated Humane Societies-Newark: a tuxedo cat named Callie and her five kittens and a newborn kitty named Arnie and his mom.

Unfortunately, Arnie's mom was showing signs of illness when she arrived at Best Friends. These health issues caused the mother cat's milk to dry up, making it difficult for her to keep Arnie fed and healthy.

In an effort to give Arnie's mom time to recover and the kitten a chance to get big and strong without being hand-reared, Best Friends' vets decided to try placing Arnie with nursing mom Callie and her babies.

Before meeting Arnie, Callie was already showing off her mothering skills to her rescuers.

"When you see proud mama Callie with her five kittens, it’s obvious how much she loves them," Best Friends said in a statement. "She nurses them for hours every day, washes them with her sandpaper tongue, and cuddles them to sleep, purring the whole time."

But would Callie be willing to take on one more kitten? Turns out the loving mom was happy to extend her kindness to another kid. Callie immediately allowed Arnie, who, as a bright orange kitten, stands out among his surrogate siblings, to nurse with the rest of the family.

Callie adopted Arnie just in time for Mother's Day, allowing her to celebrate with a brood of six instead of five. The surrogate mom's compassion and acceptance of Arnie have also given Arnie's mom the time she needs to rest and recuperate.


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At Grandpa’s and Grandma’s house (Encino, California) . . . mid-50s . . . my sister Janet with her first horse . . . me with our family’s firs cat (Figaro).

Caturday” by Linus Petit

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