[Vision2020] Odd and disturbing

Debi Robinson-Smith debismith at moscow.com
Thu May 14 16:52:23 PDT 2020

So, Mitch McConnell is saying Barak Obama should keep his mouth shut and 
is not "classy" when Obama spoke about the disaster that is the T-Rump 
COVID19 response? Height of hypocrisy! T-Rump has continually insulted, 
accused, blamed, and tried to un-citizenship Obama since before Obama 
was elected. T-Rump may have money, but it sure didn't buy him "class"! 
Look at the decor of any of his residences and/or hotels---cheap 
whorehouse comes to mind! And his serial assaults on women? Paying off a 
porn star? But McConnell just told a decent black man to shut up because 
a racist, sexist, self-referencing BUBBA is the real person. Racism at 
its finest, Uncle Mitch. Like saying black athletes taking a knee to 
protest violence is un-American, because black men are not allowed to 
have a voice unless it say "yasuh".  And to try to call the republicans 
the party of Lincoln, with T-Rump declaiming against anyone who goes 
against him in front of Lincoln's memorial? Outrageous!!! I am so 
disgusted with the republicans, and if the democrats don't stand up and 
name it, they are just as responsible for the mess!

Debi R-S

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