[Vision2020] Question . . .

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Thu May 14 10:07:09 PDT 2020

On 5/12/20 3:56 PM, Tom Hansen wrote:
> Is anybody aware of a barbershop, here in Moscow (the one in Idaho) 
> that is open for business?

I noticed that the barber pole at Bill's on 2nd Street is gone, but 
another man was inside cutting hair.

I have not been to the Great Clips place in the mall since my birthday 
in March, and that was the first time since the previous August.

Except for haircut addicts or the militarily indoctrinated, a 
single-digit number of haircuts per year is more than adequate.

My observation is that most men customers at barber shops do not really 
need a haircut.  They just prefer style maintenance.

> Or should I wait until my hair grows past my waist . . . and cut it 
> with hedge-clippers?

Hair cutting with hedge clippers appears to be in a class with shaving 
with a light saber -- less precise and more unwieldy.

If you are really interested in growing longer hair, and doing some good 
with it, perhaps a donation of longer locks to a wig making 
establishment would assist someone who needs hair replacement.

And if you are not interested in donation, wig-length locks may be able 
to fetch a handsome price from a wig-maker.

On the imaginative and creative side of the situation, it may be the 
case that longer hair will not only lead to greater varieties of hair 
styles, but also to newer reasons to wear head gear beyond traditional 
western men's hat styles.  The combination of accessorizing head gear 
interconnected with particulate-passing prevention procedures in a 
coordinated couture may be receiving renewed attention in the wake of 
spacesuit design completions and Dune Arrakis stillsuit design 
furloughs.  The University's home economics and mechanical engineering 
departments may have a nascent partnership opportunity in the offing.


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