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Seventeen heroic cat stories that'll make you want to hug your feline, even though they don't want you to do that on Caturday.

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17 Heroic Cat Stories That'll Make You Want To Hug Your Cat, Even Though They Definitely Don't Want You To

Look, I UNDERSTAND that cats are assholes. But assholes can be heroes, too!! How else do you explain Han Solo??

Han Solo is basically a cat. Pass it on.

1. Pudding saved his owner, who was having a seizure!


Amy Jung of Wisconsin adopted Pudding on a whim while visiting a shelter with her son. After going to bed, she began to have a diabetic seizure. Pudding stepped on her chest and bit her nose to wake her up so that she could call for help and then ran into her son's room and jumped on his bed to wake him. Doctors said that Jung could've gone into an irreversible coma if she hadn't been woken up. WE LOVE YOU PUDDING.

2. This kitty, who went into Beast Mode™️ to save her young hooman from a dog attack.


The Triantafilo family's 4-year-old son was riding his bike in the driveway when a neighbor's dog ran over and began dragging him by the leg. Immediately, the Triantafilo's cat Tara ran over and attacked the dog, chasing him away before running back to check on her hooman. A HERO.

3. This neighborhood cat saved a baby from freezing!


When Masha came across an abandoned baby in a box on the snowy streets of Russia, she immediately climbed in next to the baby to keep him warm. She then meowed to get the attention of people walking by. The baby was taken to the hospital and found to be in good health thanks to Masha!

4. Shelly saved her owner from a snake!


When 81-year-old Tennessee resident Jimmie Nelson heard his cat Shelly running around in the middle of the night, he assumed she was just chasing a mouse. But a few days later a caretaker noticed a dead copperhead snake with claw marks on his body under a table. It seemed Shelly had killed the venomous snake then left it out to show off to her hooman!!

5. Scarlett saved her five kittens from a fire!!


Momma Scarlett stayed in a burning building in New York to rescue all five of her kittens, garnering national attention that eventually led to multiple books. She lived to age 13 in a loving home, leaving behind a wonderful legacy.

6. This kitty also alerted her family to a fire!


At 3:30 a.m., a Clairmont family's cat woke up her momma by biting her on the arm. The woman woke up to discover a house fire and was able to get her husband and two children out in time. Firefighters were also able to save their second cat!

7. Gizmo actually helped stop a house fire!


When an oven mitt left atop a toaster oven caught fire, 1-year-old Gizmomeowed at her owner's ear until he woke up and put out the small fire, preventing it from spreading throughout the five-person home. THANK YOU GIZMO!!

8. Schnautzie warned her momma of a gas leak!


Trudy Guy was awoken by her cat Schnautzie in the middle of the night. Hearing a roaring sound in the bathroom, she investigated and found a broken gas pipe. After fleeing, firefighters told her that her house could have blown up if she'd done nothing. Schnautzie was rightfully awarded a Purple Paw Award by the Great Falls Animal Foundation during their annual Fur Ball.

9. And this cat!!!!! called!!!! 911!!!!!


Back in 2006, police received a 911 call from Gary Rosheisen's apartment – but there was no one on the other line. Going to his apartment to check out the situation, they found Rosheisen had fallen out of his wheelchair and could not get up. They also found Rosheisen's cat, Tommy, sitting next to the phone, which had a speed dial for 911. There was only one explanation – Tommy had hit the speed dial for 911!

10. Charley saved her diabetic owner!


Diabetic Claire Wood woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, where she collapsed due to low blood sugar. Her cat immediately ran to the bedroom, bothering Wood's husband (who was a deep sleeper) until he woke up. He noticed that his wife was not in bed, and followed Charley into the bathroom, where he was able to give his wife an injection of glucagon. YAY CHARLEY!

11. Oreo saved his sister from a rattlesnake!


10-year-old Jaiden was playing outside when she spotted a Diamondback Rattlesnake. As she ran inside, her cat Oreo fought off the snake, suffering a bite on his leg. Luckily, he was rushed to the vet and treated, and made a full recovery!

12. Major Tom lived up to his name and performed a heroic action to save his owner!


Sailor Grant McDonald was asleep in his boat when his cat Major Tom headbutted him until he woke up, alerting him to the fact that his ship was quickly filling with water. McDonald was able to set off an emergency beacon and jump into a lifeboat with his cat, where they were then rescued by a Chinese ship. You love to see it!!!!

13. Tom was an actual war hero.


During the 1854 Crimean War, a cat named Tom reportedly led starving British and French troops to food stores, saving their lives. He was taken back to England, where he lived a happy life. He was actually stuffed after his death – you can see him in the National Army Museum in London!

14. Cleo warned her mom of her dad's heart attack.


When Cleo noticed her owner was sick, she ran up and down the stairs until she got the attention of her other owner, who came upstairs to grab the cat. When the woman got upstairs, she saw her husband immobile at the edge of the bed. Rushing him to the hospital, she learned he was having a heart attack. Luckily they got to the hospital in time and he was okay!!

15. Smudge protected his brother from bullies!


Sarah Fenton was making tea when she saw some boys approach her young son and begin harassing him, pushing him to the ground. Right away, their cat Smudge ran up to them and hissed, even jumping on one boy, causing them to leave. SMUDGE HAS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR BULLYING AND SO DO I.

16. Tom helped his owner discover she had cancer.


When Sue McKenzie's cat Tom started constantly pawing at her neck and meowing loudly, she thought there was something wrong with him. But when she took him to the vet, the vet found that Tom was fine and suggested that Tom's behavior could actually be linked to a problem with Sue. When Sue went to her doctor, she discovered she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After surgery and chemo, she was eventually given the all-clear. All thanks to Tom!

17. And finally, Simon helped out the British Navy, becoming the only cat to receive the Dickin Medal, Britain's highest honor for animal bravery.


Simon was aboard the British ship Amethyst when it was attacked, not only surviving but going on to help rid the ship of rats, protecting their dwindling food sources. He was also credited with helping raise the morale of the crewmen, who were traumatized after the attack claimed the lives of many of their crewmates. Unfortunately, he passed away from a virus just days before he was actually awarded the medal. Still, his legacy lives on!


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