[Vision2020] The Economist: Brilliant epidemiologist Larry Brilliant on Covid-19 " ...governments have been incredibly slow in responding..."

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Is this his birth name?  If so, how accidentally accurate!

I suppose the quote in the subject heading just about anyone could have
figured out on their own, without the advice of Mr. Brilliant.  Thus the
claims coming from some in the US government about the competence of the
federal response are laughable in the extreme.

Interview below from the Economist quoted in subject heading.  Excerpt
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett


Countries can test, quarantine and prepare for the post-coronavirus world,
says Larry Brilliant, an epidemiologist

WHEN THE makers of the film “Contagion” in 2011 needed to vet the
plausibility of the script, they turned to Larry Brilliant, one of the
world’s leading epidemiologists. His reply scared them even more than the
screenplay: not only was the scenario possible, he explained, it was almost
certain to happen. Today, the world is living a nightmare similar to the
cinematic description.

Mr Brilliant’s career stretches from living in an ashram in India and
helping to eradicate smallpox with the World Health Organisation to
co-founding the Seva Foundation to treat eye disease in poor countries.
Around a decade ago he led Google’s philanthropic efforts (including being
a co-author of a landmark paper in 2009 that applied artificial
intelligence to epidemiology).

He has been warning the world about the threat of pandemics for years;
today his voice on how to respond is indispensable. *The Economist’s*
podcast, Babbage, interviewed Mr Brilliant on April 1st. Below is an edited
transcript of the conversation, along with a link to the episode.

* * *

*The Economist: For years you have warned about the possibility of a new
global pandemic. Has covid-19 emerged in the way that you predicted?*

Larry Brilliant: Sadly, yes. There's no credit for predicting this. In
fact, probably 30 or 50 or all the infectious-disease epidemiologists in
the world predicted this almost precisely.
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