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“Differences” by Alora M. Knight

We all come warmly from the womb,
Unprinted pages to be filled.
Brought forth upon the stage of life
On which our character starts to build.
Day by day and step by step,
We begin to fit into a mold,
Created by our way of life,
Accepting stories we've been told.
Every culture forms its shackles,
Binding those that live within.
Boundaries set by age-old rules
Is where prejudice will begin.
Few are those who will accept
The differences of all mankind.
The uniqueness making each one special
Is not the quest most seek to find.
It sometimes seems no one remembers
That God is the Father of us all.
We are equal in His sight,
From the mighty to the small.
The Golden Age will never come,
Nor will there be a lasting peace
Until love replaces hatred.
Then all differences will cease.


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