[Vision2020] Older Working Android Phone?

Saundra Lund v2020 at ssl1.fastmail.fm
Wed Mar 25 10:40:57 PDT 2020

This is a longshot, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Does anyone have an older Android phone tucked away in a closet they'd be
willing to part with, at least temporarily?  I am in need of an older
working Android phone - I think I need something running Android 5, 6, 7, or
8.  The carrier doesn't matter & it doesn't need to be pretty - a cracked
screen would be fine as long as the phone's Wi-Fi works.  It would be nice
if the battery could hold a charge, at least somewhat.  


I know most people trade in phones these years, but if anyone has an older
one that's no longer needed they'd be willing to let me borrow or purchase
for cheap, I'd be eternally grateful.  I actually have an old working HTC
One X I dug out, but it's running Jelly Bean (4.1) which is too old for my
needs.  It's a sad story, but if anyone has one tucked in a closet or
drawer, you'd be doing me a great kindness.





Moscow, ID


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

~ Aesop (The Lion and the Mouse)



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