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Yep. That's Ideehoe....

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On 3/19/2020 3:28 PM, Ron Force wrote:
>   House, in 30-32 vote, kills 'Too Great for Hate' specialty license
>   plate bill
>   * Posted by Betsy <https://www.idahopress.com/users/profile/brussell>
>   * Mar 19, 2020 Updated 43 min ago
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>     In a stunning apparent last vote for the Idaho House this year,
>     the House has voted 30-32 on SB 1297, Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb's
>     bill to create a specialty license plate with the slogan "Too
>     Great for Hate" to benefit the Wassmuth Center's Idaho Anne Frank
>     Human Rights Memorial. There was no debate against the bill before
>     the vote; after it, the House immediately went at ease for a
>     closed-door GOP caucus.
>     In his opening debate in favor of the bill, Rep. John McCrostie,
>     D-Boise, said, "The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial sends a
>     powerful message across our state ... that Idaho is too great for
>     hate." It serves as a living classroom for Idaho schoolchildren,
>     he noted. "It is the only Anne Frank memorial in the United
>     States." Located next to the Boise River and the public library,
>     the memorial is festooned with quotes from human rights leaders
>     around the world.
>  *
>     Everyone can visit the memorial and see themselves in the quotes,
>     in their wisdom and humanity," McCrostie said. "The funds ... from
>     this license plate will sustain and expand educational programs at
>     the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial."
>     The House earlier passed legislation to cut off new specialty
>     license plates, but that exempts all those approved before July 1
>     that sell at least a certain number each year. McCrostie said
>     thousands of members of the Wassmuth Center want to buy the
>     plates, and "this plate is anticipated to remain solidly over the
>     threshold."
>     Earlier in the session, the House enthusiastically approved a new
>     "Choose Life" specialty license plate.
>     McCrostie recalled that as a child growing up in Mountain Home, he
>     remembered passing a sign on the freeway whenever his family drove
>     to Boise that said, "Idaho is too great for hate." "As a child, I
>     didn't know the history of the Aryan Nations, but I always
>     remembered that slogan," he said. "This is a positive message that
>     is symbolic, it is inspirational, and it is aspirational."
>  *
>     "The 'Too Great for Hate' license plate stands as a testament to
>     the Idaho that we love, serve, and that we've chosen for our homes."
>     Buckner-Webb is the Idaho Legislature's only African-American
>     member. As the House was voting down her bill, the Senate was
>     paying tribute to her other retiring senators for their service
>     and accomplishments.
>     A comparison of the House votes for the "Choose Life" license
>     plate, which passed on a 55-12 party-line vote with three members
>     absent, shows all but one of those voting "no"  on the "Too Great
>     for Hate" plate voted "yes" on the "Choose Life" plate -- so it's
>     not just about opposition to all specialty license plates. The one
>     member who was absent for the "Choose Life" vote but voted "no"
>     today was Rep. Randy Armstrong.
>  *
>     After the House GOP emerged from its closed-door caucus, no
>     further action was taken on SB 1297, such as a motion for
>     reconsideration -- which would have had to come from someone who
>     voted on the prevailing side. Instead, the bill was returned to
>     the Senate, where Senate President Pro-Tem Brent Hill received it
>     and ordered it to be filed.
>  *
> Ron Force
> Moscow Idaho USA
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