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Courtesy of today’s (June 12, 2020) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with a special thanks to S. M. “Ghazi” Ghazanfar.


Origins of police neck-kneeling

George Floyd’s death by knee-asphyxiation seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, in that it came after similar other deaths of African-Americans. The event has generated global outrage and massive protests across the U.S. The 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick was drowned out for “taking the knee” during the national anthem; and it gave some cover for ignoring the substance. However, recently diverse groups are replicating the gesture.

For one community, however, the disproportionate violence faced by black Americans at the hands of police has special resonance, as it reflects their own similar experiences. For Palestinians, living under Israeli occupation, such brutalities are routine occurrences — yet, ignored in the U.S. and elsewhere. Indeed, there are parallels; knee-asphyxiation, choke holds, and random shootings killed 135 Palestinians in 2019. Though U.S. police have not killed as many, the tactics are the same.

Many of our police departments are trained in Israel, according to Amnesty International; and the group has accumulated documented human-rights violations for years. Further, many of our Israeli-“militarized” departments have been cited by the U.S. Department of Justice for widespread constitutional violations, discriminatory enforcement and culture of retaliation.

Both Amnesty and U.S. State Department have cited incidences of Israeli security officials engaging in brutalities against Palestinians.

Obviously, the same oppressive methods brutalize both black Americans and Palestinians, except the latter have no outlet, nor recourse.

S.M. Ghazanfar
Acworth, Georgia
(formerly of Moscow, Idaho)


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