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Thu Jun 11 15:43:06 PDT 2020

Jim Risch has been in politics a long ,long too long time, so long that he fell asleep during a "trial" of impeachment of the president causing an embarrassment to our state. Now I ask, what has Jim done for Idaho? I wish he could answer that question, but he can't. He is so sure that the Idaho voter will fill in the candidate with "R" next to their name that he doesn't even try to do anything for Idaho or for that matter, the people of our nation. Who cares what Idaho or the nation needs? He knows what, or rather, who butters his own toast. It is big money special interests that garner his attention and support. Not the citizens, not the tax payers, not you and me, just himself and he has become very wealthy in the process.Recently Trump gave his endorsement to both Risch and Crapo which they gladly accepted, no questions, no comments. That, in itself, should tell you something about their characters.Please support Paulette Jordan. Try a new path toward a more representative Senate, Congress and government.  For us, for the people. Roger
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