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I suffered through this video lecture, which is a good example of the
oversimplified political analysis that wastes too many people's time on the

Given the declaration of a national emergency, war, or states refusing to
cooperate with the Electoral College, among other possible options, some
legal scholars are worried about Trump staying in power in 2021 despite
"losing" the EC, especially if the election is close enough to raise doubts
about fraud.

Japanese US citizens were put in internment camps in WWII, an action fought
to the SCOTUS, and the court ruled in favor of this violation of the US
Constitution, in Korematsu v. United States

I want to believe in the integrity of the US political system: an emotional
bias?  But I think the "It can't happen here" mentality about our democracy
being undermined is naive, especially given the list of tactics employed to
manipulate the voting system.

For example, voting for president should be declared a national holiday,
not a work day where many people must fit going to the polls into their
work schedule?
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