[Vision2020] Gov Little

Roger Hayes rhayesmoscowid at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 14:54:56 PDT 2020

Ok governor Little. Instead of nuzzling up to the big orange butt in the
White House (yea, we saw you doing that), you should be thinking about how
to corral the spiking virus in our state.
*Mask mandate for the entire state. Social distancing. No exceptions.
Violators will suffer consequences
*Start planning how the schools will convene safely in a month!. Our
children, our teachers, our communities are at risk.
*You should consider closing down the state again, including
sports, churches, and other gatherings. This time keeping it that way until
we get this thing under control like so many countries did. Don't tell us
to "go out and get a haircut" when it is not safe or prudent to do so.
*Start figuring out how the medical facilities, first responders, and
other necessary functions will handle the inevitable onslaught of
sick/distressed people, especially if and as it attacks our rural
This is not a political dilemma, it's life or death for many Idahoans. Or
do you not care and are just playing at being governor? Maybe take Jim
Risch's seat in 6 years if you don't make waves? We see you.
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