[Vision2020] COVID-19 Red Zone includes Idaho

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Fri Jul 17 11:30:10 PDT 2020

Video of live CBSN news broadcast about corona virus status and Donald 


Time Length: 13:01

Top Line information for this message: COVID-19 Red Zone includes Idaho

Red Zone -- 100 people infected per 100,000 population

Nationally -- 77,000 new cases in one day sets a new record, at least 
for the moment

Originally, the video showed an outline of states from Florida to 
Washington, including Idaho, in red.

Now the entire nation is shown in red.  So much for an illustrative 
screen shot.

However, from the New York Times website this morning:


Idaho Coronavirus Map and Case Count

This information is more detailed and more localized for here and 
elsewhere in the country.

Also in the CBSN video:

Payroll tax cut advocated by Trump to stimulate back-to-work and 
economic improvement

Dr. Fauci speaks to Mark Zuckerberg because Fauci restricted by White House

Mary Trump's book about Donald Trump


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