[Vision2020] Betsy DeVos Promises to Protect Children from Education (SATIRE)

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Betsy DeVos Promises to Protect Children from Education

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Borowitz Report)—Betsy DeVos vowed on Sunday to do everything in her power as Secretary of Education to protect the nation’s children from education.

In an interview on CNN, DeVos said many parents were “understandably concerned” that, if their children return to school in the fall, they might be exposed to learning.

“That will not happen on my watch,” she promised. “We are working around the clock at the Department of Education to keep your children safe from comprehension.”

DeVos said that her staff had drafted strict distancing measures to ensure that America’s students are as distanced as possible from anything resembling a curriculum when they return to school.

“If it means eliminating books, computers, or even teachers, your kids will be distanced,” she said.

Raising a worst-case scenario, DeVos said that, if knowledge is somehow transmitted to students, “I will shut down that school in a minute.”

“We will be doing a lot of testing,” DeVos said. “If students’ test scores somehow go up, then I have failed.”


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