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The sky’s the limit on Caturday.

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Home Sought for Cat that Captured Hearts in Westfield

WESTFIELD, NJ — Sky the cat caught the attention of neighbors on Rahway Avenue, where it spent six days up a tree before its June 22 rescue. Now the feline finds herself in another precarious situation.

For the past week, Westfield resident Irma Cardoso has been caring for the domestic white short hair but, she said, it is not a living situation that can last.

“I can’t keep her now because I have seven male cats at my house, and they don’t do well with an adult female,” said Cardoso, 49.

Cardoso, who is a massage therapist, said she is keeping Sky in a room that she would typically use for her massage business but is not using due to COVID-19. She said she reached out to several animal shelters, but they have not been able to take Sky. If nobody adopts her, Cardoso said, the feline may soon be back on the streets of Westfield.

“I’m going to give it about another week and if no one comes forward, I’m going to have to release her back onto that street that we found her on because she’s familiar with those grounds,” Cardoso said.

She hopes that someone will come forward to adopt Sky, who is so named for her aerial adventure on Rahway Avenue that ended when Cardoso’s brother Alex, of Loyalty Tree Service, donated his time to scale the tree and rescue the cat.

Cardoso hopes to find the right family for Sky.

“She has a super, super sweet disposition,” Cardoso said. “She’s very friendly. She allows you to hold her, love her, kiss her. When you walk into the room, she talks to you. She does a really funny meow … almost like a cackling.”

Further complicating the situation is Sky’s hospital bill, which is in Cardoso’s name. While a crowdfunding effort netted $465 toward the bill at Union Animal Hospital, she said, there is still about $299 remaining to pay.

Robert Markovitz, a veterinarian at Union Animal Hospital, said Sky spent five days at the hospital getting intravenous fluids. The hospital also cleaned Sky's teeth and when they went to spay her, they found she had already had that surgery, Markovitz said.

“Medically she was healthy and in good shape,” Markovitz said. “We found a tattoo which showed she was spayed.”


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Caturday” by Linus Petit

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