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Bill London's Debate With Christ Church's Doug Wilson
Douglas Wilson, pastor of Moscow's Christ Church and co-author of Southern Slavery: As It Was, and Moscow writer Bill London, a critic of Christ Church policies and agendas, discussed their differences in a debate moderated by Washington State University faculty member Michael Hayes on KUOI-FM radio at 7pm on January 27th of 2004.
The topics included religious freedom, tolerance, the slavery issue, Christ Church political agenda, and other related subjects.

The discussion topics were determined by questions called in by listeners

The entire debate was recorded in 13-, 17-, and 19-minute increments so that you may download them and listen to them at your leisure.

So, without further adieu . . .


FYI - Don’t even get me started on recordings I have of the Auntie Establishment and Brother Carl Show.  Well . . . maybe later.  Ah, the memories.

Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

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