[Vision2020] Tap shoe theft

Debi Robinson-Smith debismith at moscow.com
Wed Feb 26 16:07:45 PST 2020

I'm in for $5

Debi R-S

On 2/26/2020 8:34 AM, rhayes at frontier.com wrote:
> This is not what I expect of Moscow. Let's set up a fund to replace 
> them. How would we go about doing that? Thoughts?
> Keep the backpack; please return the shoes
> My 12-year-old daughter just had her backpack stolen from the hallway 
> at Mikey?s Gyros (in Moscow) on Feb. 19. We are a low-income family 
> and in the backpack was a set of tap shoes which were a birthday gift 
> and we would very much appreciate getting those back. You can keep the 
> backpack but please return the shoes. You can leave the shoes at 
> Mikey?s. Please have some compassion for those who don?t have many 
> things and struggle in life.
> Annie Fletcher
> Moscow
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