[Vision2020] Trump Is Already Wondering What Airport Will Bear His Name

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AIRPORT ? ! ? !  

I’m thinking that a public restroom would be more appropriate to reflect on Trump’s presidency, with this subtle reminder . . . “DON’T FORGET TO FLUSH”

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Trump Is Already Wondering What Airport Will Bear His Name

In the dying days of his presidency, Donald Trump has taken to asking some aides and advisers about the process of naming airports after former U.S. presidents, according to two people who’ve heard him recently inquiring on this.

One of the two sources relayed that, in the past three weeks, Trump mentioned that “no president” wants an American airport that has a bad reputation or crumbling infrastructure named after them. The other knowledgeable source said that Trump had, at one point since the 2020 election, offhandedly asked what kind of “paperwork” was necessary to get an airport named after a former president.

Trump’s focus on airport namings suggests that his mind has begun to wander towards the ceremonial elements that accompany life after the presidency. It also shows that his infatuation with having pieces of infrastructure emblazoned with his name hasn’t faded at all with his time occupying the single most powerful position in the world.
Another individual close to Trump told The Daily Beast that they could recall the president mentioning at least a couple times since early 2018 his desire for having a national or international airport in the United States named after “Donald J. Trump,” and that he hoped there would be an aggressive organized effort to do so akin to the push to name the Washington, D.C.-area national airport after President Ronald Reagan. This source also said that they’d once heard President Trump ramble about what kind of Navy aircraft carrier he’d want commissioned and christened as the “USS Donald Trump” in the years following his time in office.


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