[Vision2020] Sedition

Roger Hayes rhayesmoscowid at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 09:39:23 PST 2020

Well, well, well, 106 members of Congress have signed onto the Texas AG's
attempt to overturn the election in battleground states where Trump lost. A
bit of backstory shines some light on why Texas AG Ken Paxton might want to
please Trump right now. He is under federal investigation and indictment
for securities fraud, bribery, abuse of office, and other charges. So the
skivvy is, he is shooting for one of those Trump pardons the president has
been handing out to all his criminal buddies who have done him service. But
why in heck are 106 members of the House signing on to this seditious
nonsense?  Might want to ask our own Russ Folcher and Mike Simpson, or go
across borders and ask Dan Newhouse of Wa. or Greg Gianforte of Mt. what is
motivating them.  Sedition is no small crime and to go against the vote of
the people is a slap in the face of our democracy. So Russ, Mike can you
explain your support for this in no nonsense terms, or will you just
pretend that our democracy doesn't matter anymore?
Roger Hayes
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