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Whatever economic successes allegedly achieved by the Trump administration
are touted as positives, the denial of well founded scientific expertise
may be viewed by history as one of the glaring flaws.  The rejection of
warnings from epidemiologists in the first days of the COVID-19 pandemic
likley led to thousands of avoidable deaths in the US, with a late response
from Washington.  Trump's dismissal of the risks of COVID-19 early in 2020
are well documented.
Assuming the 2020 election is not rigged or manipulated somehow, which
appears likely, these avoidable deaths may cost Trump a second term,
especially with the economy not "booming" for many workers (regardless of
Wall Street recovery) as it was just before the pandemic.
And in the coming decades, as disastrous impacts from anthropogenic global
warming increase, the Trump administration's anti-science agenda on climate
change, expressed in dismantling EPA regulations aimed at lowering fossil
fuel related greenhouse gas emissions, may be viewed as another
anti-science failure.

"Dynamic ice loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet driven by sustained glacier

Nature journal 8-13-20
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