[Vision2020] Jim and the Postal Service

Roger Hayes rhayesmoscowid at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 09:51:25 PDT 2020

So Jim Risch, where do you stand on wrecking the Postal Service? It's an
effort that Trump has clearly stated is intended to subvert the
November elections? Are you willing to sacrifice or mess up a service that
is older than our democracy? Folks go to their mail boxes looking for that
prescription, for that check, for that letter from a loved one, or for that
bill. The Postal Service has nothing to do with politics. If you say it
loses money, hey, maybe we should hold the military, the Senate, Homeland
Security to the same standard. But we all know what this is about,
subverting democracy during this pandemic for the benefit of the President
and your party.
Hope you are having a nice vacation during these critical and trying times
for our nation. And I hope you have time for some self-reflection on what
it means to be a patriot, a citizen, an elected senator. Stand up for
something right Jim.
Roger Hayes
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