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Oh well, even more information to show how much this was all just

 Most of the news media has reported that President Donald J. Trump has
signed four “executive orders” involving extending unemployment benefits at
a $400 rate, deferring (or ending?) payroll taxes for Social Security
(opposed by both parties in Congress), extending a ban on evicting renters,
and extending student loan deferments.  An important detail not mentioned
in most reports that of these three of them are not actual orders but
rather memoranda, which can count as “actions,” that essentially implore
others to do something that requires Congressional action in order to be
done, basically the first two of these, or is already happening (deferment
of student loans, although this is complicated).  Only one of them is an
actual order that must be followed, the one regarding evicting renters,
although all this order does is to make HUD “consider” extending the ban on
evicting renters.  The order itself does not actually do it.  In short,
these orders amount to a campaign list of wannabe actions, no actual real

Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA

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> Here's the rub on the Orange Ass's Saturday executive orders on SSI and
> Medicare.
> -Defer the payments to SSI and Medicare. If you elect me, I'll make these
> deferments permanent. If you don't, you'll have to pay all that money back.
> It's just old, poor, middle class people anyway. Who gives a damn about
> them, even though they've paid into these programs for a work lifetime.
> - Send a bit of money to unemployed people, but not enough to sustain
> them. Drive desperate people, who might not be able to make rent,
> mortgages, car payments and so forth, back to work in unsafe conditions.
> The employers see that desperation and cut wages. The employers can claim,
> hey, it's not so bad, your paychecks will nearly be the same due to the
> payroll deferment for SSI and Medicare.
> I have to admit, that while I continue to think that ass is a moron, he
> sure knows how to hire con men. Mnechen and company.
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