[Vision2020] Moscow takes the lead

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Fri Aug 7 07:55:31 PDT 2020

On 8/5/20 9:00 PM, Roger Hayes wrote:
> And Moscow takes the lead over Pullman in the Covid races. 93 to 88. 
> My wife, who works at WSU, says that there are roughly 5,000 students 
> in Pullman already with an expected total of 10,000 partiers to come 
> in the next few weeks. Oh boy. And that's not even counting the U of 
> I, which unlike WSU, is doing in person classes. Better lay low.

In addition to avoiding disease and death and their consequences, 
another reason to be as proactively protective as possible is to 
mitigate the potential that, economic horror of horrors, Boise would 
decide that it can do without the University of Idaho, and Olympia would 
decide that it can do without Washington State University, and both 
capitols would decide to close their respective schools in this region.  
In that traumatic terror scenario, before long the recessed, depressed, 
and repossessed acres that were formerly described as the 
Picture-Perfect Palouse, The Gem of the Mountains, and the Heart of the 
Arts would devolve into the Washida Wastelands and the Tumbleweed 

So, it is best that we mind our manners, protect and preserve our 
pulchritude, as well as our productivity and prosperity, in order that 
political pedants have no additional excuses to rock our boats upon 
these uncertain seas of tranquility.


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