[Vision2020] Kitten Rescue, Los Angeles

Moscow Cares moscowcares at moscow.com
Sun Apr 19 04:39:07 PDT 2020

 10/15/2013 L.A. Firefighters from Station 33 rescue a kitten from a storm drain near the intersection of Avalon Boulevard and 82nd Street in South Los Angeles. The kitty could be heard "meowing" for two days prior by persons in the area. LAPD on scene requested LAFD for assistance. At first Firefighters tried to grab the kitten by opening up the manhole cover to the storm drains on both sides of the street but to no avail. The kitten chose to remain just out of arms reach. Just when Firefighters were about to leave they coaxed the kitten with part of a camera-mans hamburger sandwich. That's when Firefighter Tom grabbed the cat out the hole and brought it up to street level. Hopefully the kitten has eight lives to go! 


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

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