[Vision2020] Koenig Distillery In Idaho Is Now Making Hand Sanitizer With Potato Vodka For A Local Hospital

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Koenig Distillery In Idaho Is Now Making Hand Sanitizer With Potato Vodka For A Local Hospital

An Idaho distillery that usually produces potato vodka has started mixing up a new high-proof alcohol concoction, but it’s NOT the type of mixture you want to drink. In the midst of the chaos and shortages surrounding the coronavirus epidemic, Koenig Distillery has taken it upon themselves to start making hand sanitizer for use by a local hospital. It just goes to show that even during tough and uncertain times, our Idaho community will always be there to help each other out.
Over 350 distilleries across the country have begun producing hand sanitizer in wake of the current coronavirus epidemic. One of them is our very own Koenig Distillery, located in Caldwell.

Many hospitals are currently experiencing shortages due to increased demand for the substance, and they've turned to local distilleries like this one for help. Specifically, Koenig Distillery has partnered with St. Luke's Hospital to start mass producing hand sanitizer, a high-proof alcohol mixture with hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, and water.

St. Lukes started looking to distilleries to help out since they are the once place that would be set up for such an operation. Koenig had all of the appropriate equipment and ingredients, so they immediately halted vodka production and set to work on sanitizer when they got the call from the hospital.

Of course, Koenig had to put a unique Idaho touch on their own sanitizer. Idahoans like to use potatoes for all sorts of things, but we never thought we'd see it used in hand sanitizer via potato vodka!

Thanks to the hasty cooperation from Koenig and hospital officials, thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer have already been produced. The next step is for St. Lukes to distribute the sanitizer to the hospitals and organizations around the state that need it the most.

Officials say that because of the awesome work from Koenig, the hospital's supply should last until sometime in May. We can only hope that the need for sanitizer dies down by then, but both Koenig and St. Luke's are prepared to continue the partnership as long as it's needed.

The current global pandemic has definitely taken its toll across the country, and that's including Idaho. However, this story from Koenig Distillery just goes to show that the Idaho community will always have each other's backs, no matter what.


Wow. It’s been inspiring to see the community come together and help each other out during these uncertain times. Do you have any stories to share like this one, or know of a local business that could use some support right now? Nominate them here.
Address: 20928 Grape Ln, Caldwell, ID 83607, USA


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