[Vision2020] Trump Catches Melania Watching Cuomo Briefing (SATIRE)

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Trump Catches Melania Watching Cuomo Briefing

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—An awkward scene unfolded at the White House on Tuesday after Donald J. Trump came upon his wife, Melania, furtively watching New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily coronavirus briefing.
According to White House sources, Trump was walking down a corridor of the Family Residence when he heard a familiar nasal voice emanating from the Lincoln Bedroom, droning on about masks and ventilators.
Bursting into the room, Trump came upon his wife watching Cuomo with rapt attention.
Caught by surprise, Melania quickly turned off the television and claimed that she was only watching Cuomo “to see how many big, terrible mistakes he makes.”
While her husband seemed to accept her explanation, the incident raised eyebrows at the White House, where, for weeks, the First Lady has been vanishing midday to watch the Governor’s daily covid-19 updates.
Reportedly, last week a White House staffer observed Melania alone in the Lincoln Bedroom, the lights dimmed, the room illuminated only by the flickering image of Andrew Cuomo.
Unaware that she was being watched, the First Lady was overheard murmuring to Cuomo, “You be best.”


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