[Vision2020] 9-25-19 The Guardian: White House accidentally emails Trump-Ukraine talking points to Democrats

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Wed Sep 25 20:06:58 PDT 2019

White House accidentally emails Trump-Ukraine talking points to Democrats

It then sent another email requesting to ‘recall’ original message, but
evidence suggests it may be too late

Joan E Greve & Max Benwell


The White House just offered a painful reminder to always double-check the
recipients before hitting “send” on that office email. Shortly after the
release of an explosive memo showing Trump pressuring Ukraine
investigate Joe Biden, the administration appeared to accidentally send its
talking points on the scandal to House Democrats.

The talking points encouraged the president’s political allies to argue
that there was no direct quid pro quo conveyed in the memo and that the
whistleblower complaint was handled “by the book”.

“The case just shows another example of the ‘Deep State’, the media, and
the Democrats in Congress damaging our national security by leaking
confidential information,” they go on to say.

After realizing the error, the White House sent another email to House
Democrats, this time requesting to “recall” the original message.

However, it was too late, and shortly after the mistake was made
screenshots of the talking points quickly spread on social media, catching
the interest of many, including Bernie Sanders:

While the Democratic party is yet to officially confirm whether they
disregarded the email or not, the evidence suggests that it may now be too


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