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*Other Impeachments of Judges*

The 1803 impeachment and conviction of Judge Pickering as well as several
successful 20th century impeachments of judges appear to establish that
judges may be removed for seriously questionable conduct that does not
violate a criminal statute.874
articles on which Judge Pickering was impeached and convicted focused on
allegations of mishandling a case before him and appearing on the bench in
an intemperate and intoxicated state.875
Judge Archbald and Judge Ritter were convicted on articles of impeachment
that charged questionable conduct probably not amounting to indictable

Of the three most recent judicial impeachments, Judges Claiborne and Nixon
had previously been convicted of criminal offenses, and Judge Hastings had
been acquitted of criminal charges after trial. The impeachment articles
against Judge Hastings charged both the conduct for which he had been
indicted and trial conduct. A separate question was what effect the court
acquittal should have had.877

Although the language of the Constitution makes no such distinction, some
argue that, because of the different nature of their responsibilities and
because of different tenure, different standards should govern impeachment
of judges and impeachment of executive officers.878


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